Vol 6, No 1 (2021)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36805/jurnalsekolahdasar.v6i1

Published: Mar 11, 2021

The Influence of The Power Of Two Type Of Cooperative Learning Model On The Learning Achiement Of Cililitan IV SDN Grade Students On Magnetic Material

1 - 6 Rani, Budi Hendrawan, M. Fahmi Nugraha
Read Statistic: 197

The Effect of Teacher’s Pedagogical Knowledge on Class Management in Elementary Schools In Sanden Distric

7-14 Purbani Dwi Susanti, Lisa Retnasari
Read Statistic: 88

Implementation of Value Clarification Technique (VCT) Methods to Civic Education Subject In Improving The Learning Result of Class IV Elementary School Students

15 - 22 Mawardi, Najib Hasan
Read Statistic: 97

Multi-Representation Discourse Learning Model As An Alternative Solution To Improve Student Learning Outcomes In Science Lessons

23 - 28 Abdul Rizal Ardiansyah
Read Statistic: 137

The Influence of Learning Motivation on The Improvement of Learning English Class V Students of SDN Sukaharja 1 Telukjambe Timur Karawang

29 - 38 Tarpan Suparman
Read Statistic: 69

Analysis of Reading Difficulties for Class III in Elementary Schools

39 - 46 Tia Latifatu Sadiah, Harmawati, Ayu Nurani Kosasih
Read Statistic: 90

Use of Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) Assisted With Number Card Media in Understanding Numbers 1-10 in Children With Special Needs Class IV SDN Cibungkul

47 - 54 Melsa Rahayu Melsa, Meiliana Nurfitriani, Yopa Taufik Saleh
Read Statistic: 56

Analysis of Student Errors in Completing Spotting of Round Numbers Based on Castolan Theory

55 - 59 Rahma Aulia Sari, Wulida Arina Najwa
Read Statistic: 60

Analysis of Ability to Write and Read Letters in Children With Special Needs at SDN 1 Picungremuk

60 - 64 Lusi Andriyani Lusi, Anggia Suci Pratiwi, Sunanih
Read Statistic: 67