• Aditya Wisnu Ardhana Buana Perjuangan University, Karawang
  • Suroso Buana Perjuangan University, Karawang
  • Flora Patricia Angela Buana Perjuangan University, Karawang
Keywords: Occupational Health, Occupational Safety, Chemicals


  1. Alkan Chemical Indonesia operates in the chemical sector, having the role of making and selling chemicals for various industries such as the metal plating or electroplating services industry, the metal painting industry, the coating industry, and others. It was found that problems were closely related to occupational health and safety issues, PT Alkan Chemical Indonesia had problems because a work accident occurred which befell one of its employees in 2022. The implementation of occupational health and safety at the company was actually not yet fully running well and smoothly. . Several things that make the implementation of occupational health and safety not run smoothly include those arising from the employees themselves, namely there are several employees who still do not implement occupational health and safety implementation, then do not use personal protective equipment properly, and lack of employee understanding of safety and occupational health so that some dangers or accidents still arise while working. Through occupational health and safety programs, it is hoped that employees can create a safe, peaceful and healthy work situation. This research method is descriptive qualitative research. This research uses data collection techniques, namely observation, interviews and documentation. The results of this research still found that several company employees had not implemented occupational health and safety properly due to a lack of understanding regarding the implementation of occupational health and safety. The occupational health and safety equipment here had been provided quite well according to needs, and it was found various obstacles and obstacles that have been resolved.