Published: Jan 15, 2021

Implementation of Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) Method To Determine Exemplary PKH Social Worker (Case Study: PPKH Garut Regency)

1-5 Topan Setiawan, Bayu Priyatna
Read Statistic: 239

Futsal Field Management Information System based on Android in 212 Galuh Mas Karawang

6-10 Eko Pramono, Saepul Aripiyanto, April Lia Hananto
Read Statistic: 412

Android Based Employee Absence and Leaving Application Information System

11-16 Baenil Huda, Shofa shofia Hilabi, Maya Rahayuningsih
Read Statistic: 480

Applying the Prototype Model into the Electronic Reporting System for the Elementary School Student Base on Android

17-21 Tukino, Siti Masruroh, Daryanto Herdiana
Read Statistic: 258

Application for Submission of Research Recommendations and Practice Work Web Based

22-25 Shofa shofia Hilabi, Arip Solehudin, Syahri Susanto
Read Statistic: 248

Analysis of the Effect Quality Service on Telkomsel Customer Satisfaction in Karawang with the Servqual Method

26-30 Karya Suhada, Lila Setiyani , Siti Aisyah ; Fitria Nurapriani
Read Statistic: 377