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Eggs are a relatively inexpensive source of protein in addition to meat and nuts. Duck eggs have
the advantage of having a lot of vitamin content that can help children's growth and
development. Duck eggs have a weakness in the reproductive process because duck mothers
cannot incubate their own eggs. So it is necessary to develop an egg incubator to make it easier
for the reproduction process of duck eggs. Raspberry Pi is a microcomputer capable of
monitoring Arduino Uno as a microcontroller with various sensors and components installed.
The Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set (IFS) method was used in research to calculate the value ambiguity
in the sensor. The sensors used are: DHT22, MQ135 and Water Level. The value generated by
the sensor is in the form of input for the Raspberry Pi, with this value the IFS method works to
determine a value in the form of output. The output value is a command for relays to drive
hardware such as Mist Maker, Aerator and Water Pump Motor. The expected result is that the
calculation in the IFS method is able to maximize the performance of the incubator in the duck
egg hatching process. The results of the comparison of the sensor test with the measuring
instrument get the difference in value with the average temperature of 0.63º C, the humidity of
2.04% and the gas content of 9.93 ppm. The test results on the performance of the egg incubator
get an accuracy rate of 90%.
Keywords : Arduino Uno, Duck, IFS, Incubator, Raspberry Pi, Sensor, Egg