Journal title : Jurnal Sekolah Dasar
Initials : JSD
Frequency : Twice a Year (March and September)
DOI : Prefix 10.36805 by Crossref
: 2528-2883
: 2580-5509
Editor-in-Chief : Andes Safarandes Asmara
Publisher : LPPM Universitas Buana Perjuangan Karawang
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Jurnal Sekolah Dasar (JSD): Elementary School Journal is a basic education journal managed by the Elementary School Teacher Education Study Program at the Teaching and Education Faculty of UBP Karawang, JSD is a medium for publishing research results relating to basic education topics such as teaching, learning, curriculum development, learning environment, teacher education, educational technology, and basic education development.

In addition, the article can also contain a critical study or theoretical study of an outcome or process of actual basic education research that involves theory, research methods, learning models or the results of social research. This journal is published once a year in September in each volume. The next volume will be published twice a year in March and September.

JSD publishes original articles of research results in the field of basic education with scope as follows: Learning Theory, Development of Basic Education, curriculum and Technology in Education, School Management, School Policy.

Vol 6 No 1 (2021): Jurnal Sekolah Dasar

Vol 6, No 1 (2021)

Published: Mar 11, 2021

The Influence of The Power Of Two Type Of Cooperative Learning Model On The Learning Achiement Of Cililitan IV SDN Grade Students On Magnetic Material

1 - 6 Rani, Budi Hendrawan, M. Fahmi Nugraha
Read Statistic: 193

The Effect of Teacher’s Pedagogical Knowledge on Class Management in Elementary Schools In Sanden Distric

7-14 Purbani Dwi Susanti, Lisa Retnasari
Read Statistic: 86

Implementation of Value Clarification Technique (VCT) Methods to Civic Education Subject In Improving The Learning Result of Class IV Elementary School Students

15 - 22 Mawardi, Najib Hasan
Read Statistic: 93

Multi-Representation Discourse Learning Model As An Alternative Solution To Improve Student Learning Outcomes In Science Lessons

23 - 28 Abdul Rizal Ardiansyah
Read Statistic: 130

The Influence of Learning Motivation on The Improvement of Learning English Class V Students of SDN Sukaharja 1 Telukjambe Timur Karawang

29 - 38 Tarpan Suparman
Read Statistic: 64

Analysis of Reading Difficulties for Class III in Elementary Schools

39 - 46 Tia Latifatu Sadiah, Harmawati, Ayu Nurani Kosasih
Read Statistic: 82

Use of Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) Assisted With Number Card Media in Understanding Numbers 1-10 in Children With Special Needs Class IV SDN Cibungkul

47 - 54 Melsa Rahayu Melsa, Meiliana Nurfitriani, Yopa Taufik Saleh
Read Statistic: 50

Analysis of Student Errors in Completing Spotting of Round Numbers Based on Castolan Theory

55 - 59 Rahma Aulia Sari, Wulida Arina Najwa
Read Statistic: 51

Analysis of Ability to Write and Read Letters in Children With Special Needs at SDN 1 Picungremuk

60 - 64 Lusi Andriyani Lusi, Anggia Suci Pratiwi, Sunanih
Read Statistic: 59
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